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Welcome to CulTURAMinds

CulturaMinds is for those organizations that need meaningful change by their people. CulturaMinds was created because we know that HR and organizational services tend to be an investment in time and dollars. Budgets slashed seemingly impact the employee attitude and mindset.. When budgets are cut, the people behaviors are altered. These alterations arise out of a belief that the leaders do not believe in their career development. Over time, attitudes can diminish.

CulturaMinds can make huge impact on a minimal budget. The organization receives subject matter expertise at brilliantly low cost. Your company's organizational wins is captured in 3 points.

1) A circle of value congruency is created when attitudes, beliefs and competencies aligned. A better way of collaborating evolves.

2) Alignment of employee sentiments to the values is seen and felt by all teams and leaders. Synergy evolves.

3) Alignment of leadership intent, vision and mission positively impact revenues.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur".
-- Red Adair